Qualitative Research

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Qualitative and Quantitative Approach:

When writing an essay, our experts understand your requirement, conduct appropriate research and apply theories or methods to complete specific assignments. Also when it comes to writing a research essay, both qualitative and quantitative methods are applied. Most research writers use qualitative research when using a hypothesis and make use of Quantitative research to test it.

The amalgamation of several qualitative with the combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques is broadly called as Triangulation. This approach helps to offer interesting insight to the research paper. For instance, a group of participants is interviewed during the research, asked to fill the questionnaire and data analysis is done.

Also, during qualitative research, the validity of research needs to be reliable. In order to make research paper consistent, one should avoid some factual errors. These errors may happen during exploring the link between various relations that are included in the study. To explore the relation succinctly, it becomes essential to use various validity techniques such as ironic validity, procedural validity, sensual validity, rhizomatic validity and paralogic validity.

Reliability is another factor that plays an important role in a research paper. There are three types of reliability – Quixotic Reliability, Diachronic Reliability and Synchronic Reliability. The use of the type of reliability depends on the requirement of the paper.

Ethnography is also an essential term, which is used when working with unstructured data. Describing the cases in a detailed manner should be the focus of the research paper. Using appropriate theoretical disclosure and empirical formulas, a specific conclusion can be arrived at.

At Assignment Buddy, we use various quantitative research methodologies to write an academic essay. Taking research data and statistics and using these to come up with conclusive findings is a part qualitative research technique. Quantitative research is the second type of research that is done to find answer to questions such as who, when and what! These types of methodologies are applied to research related to social sciences, scientific and mathematical field.

So you see that writing a research paper that involves application of qualitative and quantitative methods. You need to be thorough with the methods. Also much of time is required to comprehend the data and apply the methods. Students often find it difficult to devote time to such academic assignments and as a result, they delay the submission or submit a substandard assignment, which greatly affects their marks.

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